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Damages of Mobile Phones for Children

Mobiles phones appeared at such a speed that it made us say that how we were living without mobile phones previously. After some time, the age of people who use mobiles phones decreased. We always say “Mobiles phones are harmful”, but did we take the necessary precautions? What kind of precautions we take to protect little kids from mobiles phones?

Damages of Mobile Phones                                                                                                 

Unfortunately, the damages of mobile phones for children is much more than we think. Researches shown that when we talk on a cell phone, the magnetic waves that it carries can reach a few centimeters into the skin and bones. Therefore, we feel a bit of headache if we talk a little longer on the phone. Let’s think of our children. Their skin is thinner, delicate and soft. It is obvious that how much these waves will affect the developing child’s brain. Of course, brain is not the only organ it damages. Again, researches show that the harmful rays of mobile phones are affecting the eyes and ears of children and increasing the risk of cancer.

What Should We Pay Attention to When Using A Mobile Phone?

If we cannot give up on mobiles phones, it is important to take some precautions to minimize the harm caused by them. Because the mobile phone screen is bright, moving and colorful, it attracts especially the babies. The biggest mistake that mothers do is to give their mobile phones to their babies to keep them busy. If they knew that mobiles phones are are harmful this much on their children’s development, they even do not keep their mobile phones in the same room with their children. Especially in babies who have eating problems, their mothers give mobiles phones to them when they are eating and in this way the baby opens his/her mouth unconciously and the mother feeds him/her. However, the baby will be less harmed if he/she does not eat more. With smart phones, parents give their phones instead of tablets or computers not only to the babies but also to the children of every age group. Since the rate of radiation that a cell phone has more than other technological means, it should not be given to the children unless it is necessary.

It is necessary to keep mobile phones away from the rooms where children sleep. The brain development of a child who is exposed to radiation from the phone until the morning may be adversely affected.

When Is the Right Time Buying Mobile Phones to Children?            

In fact, it is ideal for children not to use telephones until they are 20 yars old because brain development continues until that time. However, this is not possible in the conditions of our time. The experts set the minimum age of 12 as the limit. The longer this age is delayed, the more your child will benefit. It is important to limit the use of the mobile phone after your child had it. We also know that the school success of the children who do not leave their phones decreases, as well as their damages on the children’s health.

Parents should set the limits for mobile phones well, the phone should be with children only at certain times. Otherwise, both the academic success and the health of the child may deteriorate. We know that smart phones have internet connection, so parents should be aware of their children’s internet and social media use.

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