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Children’s Eye Health is in Danger Because of Computer Games

Children Eye Health

Eye health of children who spend too many hours in front of computers and constantly play PC games is in danger. That’s why experts say children should be kept as far away from digital screens as possible. Along with the summer holiday, children are also looking for activities and alternatives that can fill their free time. While some of the children go to the resorts and enjoy the sea-pool, the rest of them settle down on their computers. In general, the computer and other devices that make great contributions to life can also cause serious eye problems. Children who spent too many hours playing computer games in front of the screen are affected negatively because of radiation and harmful blue flash. Along with this, many eye problems develop. According to the worldwide searches, the use of computers increases the success of young children in their future lives. But this is a common misunderstanding, and the use of computers can be exaggerated sometimes. Children who computer for a very long time and exposed to blue flash in this direction can may have both ergonomic and eye health problems. This light, which is said to be on all digital screens, is a big threat to the eye.

Increase in myopia caused by using the computer for a long time

According to the researches, using computer a lot is not the only reason for myopia but it increases it. For this reason, children should be allowed to use the computer within a certain time set.

Keep children away from digital blue flash

Computers, mobile phones, etc. all digital devices are constantly being present in people’s daily lives and also increase in numbers every day. Unfortunately, the age of use of these devices is very small. In our everyday life, it is not possible to stop using these devices completely. This problem is somewhat overshadowed by the glasses with a blue filter glass that are used for children. For children who normally do not use glasses, relaxing glasses that protect their eyes from blue light should be used during the time they spend at the computer. These glasses, which have very light colors, are the type that children can use at every activity.


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