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Are Children Obese by Birth? Or They Become So Afterwards?

Are Children Obese by Birth? Or They Become So Afterwards?

While investigating the reasons for the child being obese, it’s not surprising to find out his/her parents are also obese. The obesity of the child depends on his/her parents. Having obese parents makes the child inevitably obese too. This usually happens from the moment of birth. However, one of the most important factors is the genetic structure. Another factor is the eating and exercising habits of the family.

The best friend of obesity is inactiveness, school-age children’s living conditions limit their freedom of action.  Children can’t run and play on the streets because they’re full of danger due to heavy traffic. For this reason, families don’t allow their children to go out there. This is one of the shortcomings of urbanization, and children are forced to stay indoors. The child spends a very long time in front of computers, tablets and televisions. In other words, he/she is taking advantage of the blessings of technology since he/she’s trapped between four walls. This situation doesn’t make parents feel uncomfortable. Children who eat in front of computer as well as eating junk food become obese eventually.

In some cases, the reason can be hereditary or due to personal characteristics. School-aged child fall into depression due stress in school and exam anxiety. Again in accordance with genes and personal characteristics depression can lead child to eat more by increasing his/her appetite. According to the anatomical structures, when some children fall into stress, their appetite increases and so they become more likely to eat more. Some children, on the other hand, may experience loss of appetite.

Some children who enter adolescence also gain weight quickly. Attention, love and compassion deficit and having problems in their relationships and at school can lead them to become obese. Seeing eating as a way to relax when a child can’t express him/herself or can’t solve his/her problems alone can be an accelerating factor of obesity.

Dieting should not be considered while trying to prevent obesity in children since it might create an adverse reaction and increase their appetite. Instead of making your child go on a diet you can help him/her by controlling his/her nutrition.

Children should eat vegetables, fruits and yogurt often and they must be kept away from fast-food, fat, baked goods and sugar. Excessive snacking should be avoided.

The child should start walking slowly and should eventually increase his/her steps. Children should do small exercises or they should go to the gym and exercise daily.


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