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Children Are Forced To Grow In a Competitive Environment

Children Are Forced To Grow In a Competitive Environment

Children face competition from very early ages. In their worlds they are struggling to cope with competition on their own. Since education received at schools are not enough for the children of our times, they are now confronted with competitions in sports, arts and language trainings. Among the thousands of options, children go back and forth between what their families see suitable for them, and each environment draws them into competition. Every family with a child starts to take their part in the competition as much as their children. Today’s children are more involved in the competitive environment than the older generation.


Children Face Competition in Every Period

Children turn into to racehorse in the existing education system, which is a test based system and they have to cope with the perception of winning or losing completely. Children are more likely to be directed to sports activities outside school than to the past generation, and they participate in more artistic or sport activities at an early age and somehow it triggers competition. In general, it is seen as a good development and children have the chance to improve by discovering their skills in different areas. Sometimes children’s parents and teachers can take their performances too seriously. These activities are then turning into a situation that serves the needs of adults.  Parents who help their children to improve their skills by directing them to involve in arts and sports might have different attitudes. Parents want their children to be the best -if they have the opportunity- almost in every field. Apart from busy school hours, taking private lessons and going to sports training might cause them being deprived of playing times that support their psychological and emotional development. Parenting race that is seen very common in today’s world doesn’t have good impacts on children.


Average Dose of Competition

There is almost no enough time for children’s development. But as parents, they have to be careful when choosing an activity for children. The children who will possibly participate in the activities should be asked if they want it and should not be repressive if they don’t want to. It’s also necessary to be aware that every child has a different capacity when the activity is decided. For children an activity should be something to support their physical development and be limited by these terms. Although, comparing children to their peers who do the same activity crosses the lines and as a sequence children become accustomed to competition. If children’s routine and their appetite have changed and sleep problems have begun to occur while competing, tell that you want to help them when tantrums occur and take precautions by thinking that this competition may have harmed them.  When children start having problems with their self-esteem and their social relations, you need to get a professional help and find out how the child should be in a competitive environment. Excessive competition can harm children.


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