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Children Experience Sleeping Problems


During the growth period, children who have sleeping disorder are experiencing difficulties in learning and it affects their brain development negatively. In this regard early diagnosis Is of great importance. In children, daytime sleep is as normal up to 3 years and it means that the need for daytime sleep is reduced after this age. Experts say the biggest reason for children to have sleeping problems is not having a regular sleeping pattern. In some mental illnesses sleeping problem might be seen and in some they might not be seen. The main reason for this is the stress environment in general. After stressful events in life, sleeping pattern changes can be observed in babies and children. Possible causes of sleep disorders include respiratory tract obstructions, reflux, allergies and asthma. Sleeping problems are serious for children. If this is not fixed, that is, if children can’t get as much sleep as they need, they will experience major problems in their learning and attention processes. At the same time, they may be sleepy during day-time as the problem seems to be developing in the brain.

One of the sleeping disorders is nightmare,

One of the sleep disorders frequently seen in children is undoubtedly nightmare. This is the case with children aged 3-5 years at the most. What we call a nightmare is a dream that scares and worries children. Sleep consists of two periods. One is the period when the brain development is faster and the dream is seen, and the other is the period of deep sleep that rests. Nightmares are seen in the period, which dreams are seen. Children can wake up after their nightmares and remember them with their finest detail. In some periods we can’t remember the nightmares we had seen in the night’s sleep, but sometimes we can remember everything clearly in the morning. When anxiety and stress rates are high, the possibility of having a nightmare is very high as well. Even though the nightmare doesn’t have a specific treatment, but it can be decreased by checking or intervening the horror theme in children’s books and the cartoons they watch.

Sleeping when their eyes are open

Another type of sleep disorder, like nightmares, is called sleep or night terror. At this point, children wake up approximately two hours after they fell asleep, and they shout and weep in fear. At this stage, the child is still sleeping. During the sleep period that the rest is provided, when children are experiencing sleeping terror, their eyes open. Their parents think they are awake. At this stage it is necessary not to awaken the child. Daytime sleepiness is recommended for children who experience this condition.


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