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Children and Making Friend

Should parents help build friendship? You should take care 3 stages as pre-school, school age and puberty.

  1. Pre-school age and making friends

In early ages, younger children consider “friends” will likely change very often. For them, best friend is one who plays well with. Family members are enough since they spend whole day together. Parents keep in contact with children by playing. When parents are co-player, they should keep in mind to teach obedience. How will you manage this? You should help children play with their peers. You can take them to kindergarten. If it’s not possible, they can join a game-group. You can take them to parks, playgrounds in shopping centers or help peer-meetings to build friendship.

  1. In school age, Children make friendship without parents encourage. Parents doubt of qualified friendship. Children are growing up and eager to have own decisions. It’s important time since they gain strategies which go on throughout whole life. Parents should talk about their friends but not impose what to do and who to meet. This doesn’t support them otherwise, you may face undesirable results. Children should differ what is true or not. Parents should only talk about friends and learn who they are.
  2. Since technological gadgets, puberty children have many opportunity on social network. So, parents worry about friendship. They feel closer to friends rather than parents. Thus, making friend is important. In puberty age, you should never criticize their friends. Parents should shadow who they hang out with. Children should get quests and parents should set a room for them. Best Friends families can be acquainted. If they had good friendship before, they will probably build friends again as well.

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