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Children and Lying

When parents catch their child in a lie, they feel frustrated. If they can find what motivates child to live, you will have opportunity to solve this problem.

Why Children Lie

  • Parents or Children’s’ beloved people sometimes unwittingly lie. Children who take them as role model lie. When doorbell rings, child tells “mummy isn’t at home”. If father says “if you be good and still, I’ll take you to park.” and then, he says “I’m busy, we’ll go later.” So, they think they can lie in need. Parents and teachers should behave consciously and act as role models. There is no white lie. All of them is lie.
  • Fear of punishment and anxiety may cause lying. They try to be away of parents’ inappropriate expectations. They need to lie for naughty behaviors or low marks.
  • Children whose parents don’t admire much want to lie. So, they may tell “I get 100 marks from exam or well-done”. Lack of admiration causes this. So, admire them frequently.
  • When children are compared to their brothers or sisters, you see them lying. Lie is inevitable result when they are compared to neighbors, classmates, brothers or sisters. Doing so, they try to get lack of love. Whereas, every child has his/her best attitude. Parents should find out them to avoid child’s lying.
  • Some stories which parents think as lie are children’s imaginary. This is in pre-school term or in early years of school. When they talk about the story, they can find it in a book, film or tale. Parents should help child to realize difference of imaginary and truth instead of blaming as a liar.

Child lies frequently                                                                                             

If child lies frequently, this may cause exclusion from classmates or friendship. Children who are known as liar in society have psychological and sociological problem in time. To overcome, you must get expert’s help for chronic liars.


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