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In recent years, yoga has so much to offer for children. Children are increasing their creative power with yoga, learning to build empathy, use their breath properly, autocontrol, raise awareness levels. Besides, many positive emotions such as love, respect, and sensitivity within them come to life with yoga.

Contrary to what yoga is supposed to be, it is not just a sport nor a standing still. Yoga is an integral. It is a philosophy of life. When yoga is done, the body, the mind and the heart are integrated. These three elements can be felt at the same time in our bodies thanks to yoga.

Benefits of Yoga In Children                                                   

Proper breathing is extremely important for mind and body development in children. So all yoga classes start with breathing exercises.

Another activity done at the child yoga is focusing activity. Children learn to focus on the breath, the body, the moment they are in. This is especially influential on problems such as distractibility and lack of attention. In this way, children learn to concentrate.

Different yoga postures are very beneficial for the development of bone structures in children. These postures help to relieve the stress and lethargy that accumulates in children’s muscles. At the same time they gain flexibility and create infrastructure for other sports.

They also have the opportunity to internalize concepts such as love, compassion, respect, and empathy during the courses. Besides this, they become aware of such subjects as my body, your body, my field, someone’s field with thematic fictions.

Yoga Duration And Frequency

It is not right to say a certain time because yoga is not treated like a sport. Children work regularly with instructors once a week, but they should do breathing exercises or some simple postures every day so that they can put them into their life. Since they can be relaxed by applying it before or after school, they need to repeat it often to make it a life philosophy.

Does Yoga Affect School Success?

Even though yoga is not directly conducted for school success, it has been seen that the school success in children who do yoga has increased spontaneously because it has many benefits such as increasing motivation, focusing, improving attention deficit, reducing stress.

Suitable Age

Yoga has no specific starting age. In the period of infancy, children can be introduced to yoga at very early ages with their mothers’ so that they can benefit from this wonderful technique with mother and child yoga.

In this regard, if parents put prejudices away and create opportunities for doing yoga both for them and their children, they will be able to get benefit.

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