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Child Psychology at the Age of 8

Social skills gradually developed in children at the age of 8. The ability to communicate with friends and outside world has increased in school. Joining groups of friends makes a great effort to adapt. Child psychology at the age of 8, acknowledged among his peers, increases his self-confidence. You need to pay attention to what they ate and dressed to help them adapt to the process. You should go to ways of reconciliation between their friends, you should not ignore the hard and superficial movements of their friends. The child in this age sometimes wants to play with only the children of their gender, and sometimes wants to play with the opposite gender. This is a very normal process. Your child is in the process of discovering the ability to communicate on both genders.

Features of 8 Years Old Children

Now imaginary friends have left their place to real friendships and they begin to complete the gap with them. There are too many energies so it may be difficult to comply with the rules of the group and it may start to move in reverse. If you cannot cope with this, you can get help from child psychologists. In the child who is in child psychology at the age of 4, unlike other ages, bullying, excessive trust, even violence tendencies can be experienced. The child in this age starts to have more responsibility, starts to set their own rules. Goods are becoming more precious and they pay more attention to their material. Winning ambitions have developed, making it difficult to accept defeat. They may be involved in lying. They like to play team games, and as long as they do not have problems with the school, they go to school willingly. They can start to live problems with friends at school. They start to notice the appearance of other people. Sometimes they want to stay at their friends’ house.

Comprehension Power In 8 Years Old Children

They produce ideas for problems and try to find solutions on their own. This is the period they are aware of themselves. Interests begin to shape at these ages. They start collecting at this time. Time is now a recognized process for them and the concept of time begins to settle. They start to make plans for the future at this age. Drawing skills are increasing, team games are pleasing. Sports talent also starts to settle in this age. Communicate with your children as a family and listen carefully to what they are saying. Encourage them to do what they are doing realistically. Be with them in physical activities. Give them individual times each day to stay on their own. Child psychology at the age of 4, when do they need help? If your child is constantly having problems with his/her friends, if he/she does not give up lying, if he/she has difficulty leaving home and is not in harmony with his/her friends, you can get help from a specialist doctor.

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