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Child Psychology at the Age of 4

A child who has reached the age of 4 is now open to the outside world. They enjoy playing with other children, they want to play lots of physical games, they like to listen to stories. They start to understand the feelings of others. The children of child psychology at the age of 4, start sharing their toys and playing with other children in turn. They may envy their parents’ love for each other. They like to play games like parenting, supermen. These games allow them to understand adults and help them behave like adults. Tell them that they are doing wrong when they enter inappropriate roles in their games.

Development Characteristics of 4 Years Old Children

In child psychology at the age of 4, they should learn in a planned way that they need to eat, sleep, and eat. They should know that their parents will limit their behaviors. Everything they do is not supposed to be right, and everything should not be allowed. It can be frightening for them to think that their parents will not be able to handle and care them. Children need to learn what they can put on the border in Child Psychology 4 Age education. At this age they like to play and find friends. They can pedantic them, grumble when they cannot get what they want. They may start to stay away from their parents at this time. Their sense of humor develops during this period and they start to react with funny situations laughing. In this period, their behavior is exaggerated and very noisy. They can play parental role by playing house. If they do not have friends, they have imaginary friendships and this is not unhealthy behavior, but normal. They can make up stories to make their parents happy. At this age the child cannot tell what is the real and what is imagination. In this age, they can go to toilet alone, can use toilet paper to clean, and can also flush. The child who develops in this period asks a lot of questions about the world and it is sometimes difficult to answer these questions. When they ask questions about death and sexuality, when they are wondering where babies come from, simple, honest answers should be given to the questions.

Motor Development of 4 Years Old Children

The child can learn do the works given to him at this age. It has become easy to use a three-wheeled bicycle. They can distinguish animals and colors. They understand concepts like big, small, long, short. Their ability to understand the narratives has improved. They can learn how to count from 1 to 20. Your child who is in child psychology at the age of 4 learns to keep the pen correctly and draws simple pictures in this period. They can cut paper plainly, can hold important information in the mind such as name, age, etc. He is also very successful in physical development. He’s been running pretty fast. Jumping and climbing skills are improved. In this period they can tell long stories, it is normal that some letters cannot be pronounced correctly.

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