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Child Psychology at the Age of 3

If a child reaches the age of 3, he can do his own self-care, eat alone, dress up and clean himself. They may become able to express their wishes, have language development that can make social connections. In child psychology at the age of 3, who is 3 years old understands what is said to him and listens to them. They have come to the conclusion that they can show their patience and cooperation with other children. These ages are the period when the child is ready to become part of the social group and they may go to kindergarten at that age. In this period, the children exhibit stubborn and decisive attitudes and they can go into anger bursts when their requests are answered with no. Crying crises are always encountered during these times. It is normal to meet these behaviors from time to time because this period is their characteristic period.

Developing Features of 3 Years Old Children

During child psychology at the age of 3, children love to play with toys than to play with each other. They do not want to share toys with other friends, and they can be aggressive against them. At these age these attitudes are very normal. In this period, children discover their ego. They are highly developed in terms of both physical and mental characteristics. Movement coordination has increased. They learned to use their bodies comfortably like adults. Handicrafts are highly developed in this period. They succeed in drawing pencils and drawing lines. They are curious about the outside world and start to ask lots of questions. They are socially developed and love to spend time with other children. 3 year is an important transition period and the concept of me and others develops in this period. Sharing, playing with a group and obeying simple rules can also be done in this age. In this period, the attitude of the families is also important. It will be effective in delaying a little his/her request, rewarding when he/she shares and in compliance with the rules, in order to get rid of the child’s self-centered attitude.

How to Approach to 3 Years Old Children?

This is the first examination of the child who will live his life in the future. The first periods of confrontation are experienced during this period. He cannot be comfortable without opposing the family. He starts to recognize his strength and wants to test his own strength. Mothers and fathers should know and apply the same information together. Parents should act in parallel in terms of psycho-social characteristics. It is wrong for child psychology at the age of 3 the attitudes of parents where mother say yes and father say no.

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