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It is extremely difficult to take care and raising children, because you teach children life from scratch. They need you to learn behaviour, cleaning, nutrition and everything from you. Brushing teeth is among the habits that you should help your children to get. In this regard, you have great duties, because children first start to learn something by imitating their parents. If you give your child instructions to brush their teeth before going to the sink after dinner, they will not take this into consideration. Because children will want to make habit of behaviours they see the most. Children like imitate what they see, they don’ like acting according to instructions, contrary to what parents think. For this reason, it should be your first method to be an example.

Teeth Brushing Habit

Tooth brushing habit is extremely important for the health of teeth. For this reason, you have to act right in order to bring this habit to your child. First you can choose a tiny child’s toothbrush. Don’t choose it yourself. Go shopping together and let your child to choose the brush. So you will complete the first phase of tooth brushing habit. When you go home, it will not be difficult for your child to use this colourful and cute brush. In this regard, you can help him/her. For your children to think he/she should brush his/her teeth after meals, he/she should see you first brushing your teeth. In the meantime, the child should come with you and follow you. It will be easier to acquire the behaviours he/she sees. You can teach brushing without toothpaste if he/she is too young. It will be more accurate to learn to use only brush toothpaste if the swelling is likely to happen. You must help your child with how to hold the brush and how to rotate it. The mother or father should repeat this process with the child at least twice a day.

One of the things that can be done for children’s brushing habit  is to ensure continuity. You have to keep it going as long as this situation becomes a habit. Also if you brushing your teeth together as a family, it will be more fun and you will know how much you need it.

When you teach brushing teeth, you should tell your child why it is necessary. So the child who learns to brush his/her teeth should know why he/she did it. If your child doesn’t brush his/her teeth, you should tell him/her nicely to do so. You should know that there are leftover bits in the unbrushed teeth. Children should be taught that leftover bits cause teeth to decay and it should be prevented by brushing teeth.

When make your child to gain a habit  you should basically know that it is important to be an example for its continuity. You can also teach some other types of personal hygiene, such as hand washing, while teaching brushing teeth.


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