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Can Children Who Have Asthma Do Scuba Diving?


With the arrival of summer, it is recommended to all asthmatic patients who will go on holiday to strengthen their lungs by swimming. The same thing does not apply for scuba diving. 1 in 5 children, who had allergic flu replaces itself with asthma. Asthma can cause serious damage to the lungs if not treated. With the arrival summer holiday, all the children want to do a variety of activities, but children with asthma can’t be allowed to do some of them. There’s a perception that people with asthma shouldn’t move or do sports. Asthma is the development of coughing and wheezing as well as damage and sensitization of the lungs caused by allergens that some children have taken from their environment. Along with the sensitization that is seen in the lungs, there is a narrowing in the brochures with the exercises made. For this reason, if the parents prevent children from doing sports, the children will stay still and gain weight. Children who gain weight are aggravated by asthma, and the person with the disorder will not respond to treatment. The reason for this is the secretion of certain substances, which causes excess weight to cause asthma. Broaches get narrower and the lungs are contracted in the same way, people with excess weight aggravate reflux, aggravation of reflux triggers asthma and drugs gradually lose their effect. For this reason, it is very important for children with asthma to exercise and do sports.

What sports can asthmatic children do?

Football, basketball, skiing, ice-skating, ice hockey, long distance running, cycling are among the group with high risk. Besides these, sports such as weightlifting, wrestling, short distance running, volleyball, tennis, squash are shown as low risk group. When sports are chosen, the intensity of asthma and the wishes of the child should be taken into consideration. It is absolutely necessary for them to warm up for about 15 minutes half an hour before they start the activity.  Breathing capacity of the child increases with the warm-up exercises.

What should children with asthma pay attention to when they exercise?

It is not recommended to exercise during dry and cold weather. Athletes with asthma should breath through their nose. They absolutely should warm up before a heavy exercise. It is necessary to finish the exercise slowly, not all of a sudden. Asthmatic children with infection in their respiratory tract should decrease their exercises or give it a break for a while.


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