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Breastfeeding Problems of Working Mothers

Breastfeeding for working mothers sometimes can turn into a big problem, because the mothers who take a leave of absence, has to go back to work after a while. However, the need for babies to mothers doesn’t last after 3-5 months, it lasts until they grow up. Mothers who go to work can easily breastfeed morning and evening after work. But during the time between them, she can’t take her baby in her arms. This is already a shortcoming in itself. Alternative methods can be applied for the baby during this period. Although there’s nothing better than a mother breastfeed her child directly, different remedies can be considered so that the baby is not deprived of mother’s breast milk. There are some solutions to the breastfeeding problems of working mothers.

Suggestions about Breastfeeding to Working Mothers

We can estimate how difficult it is for working mothers to leave their babies at home and go to work. Leaving their tiny and needy babies at home, but at least not to avoid them to deprive from their breast milk we can make suggestions to make mothers feel comfortable.

  • When leaving for the first time, make sure your baby’s stomach is full. Breastfeed him/her, love him/her, embrace and caress him/her. Because you will not be able to see your child all day long. Hug him/her one more time. In the same way when you return from work in the evening your baby will should come to your mind first. Housework should not prevent you from taking care of your child. Or should not hinder. For this reason, you should leave everything and hold your baby in your arms. Feed him/her. Embrace him/her after breastfeeding since you can’t be around the day. This will strengthen your love affair. If the babies can’t have enough attention by their mothers in the first year, they can avoid the so-called “insecurity against basic trust” negatively. This may cause the child to be an insecure person in the future. So do not just leave him/her crying especially for the first year. Do not forget to hold your child in your arms.
  • Ask your family for help while taking care of your baby. There will be someone to take care of him/her while you’re at work. When you get back home, ask for the same kind of help from the family. If they help you with housework, you will have more time to spend with your baby.
  • You will have to feed your child with the bottle now that you will leave your baby to get to work. But if you do not start these exercises before leaving your baby before your permit is over, your baby may be left hungry. The infant who can’t get used to the bottle can find it odd. For this reason, try to feed your child with bottle before you get back to work.
  • You will have to extract milk before you go to work. They will give that milk to your baby in a bottle when he/she is hungry. If your baby is having trouble getting used to it, you can try the bottles in the form of mother’s nipple. This makes it easier to get used to.
  • In this period, if you do not have enough breast milk you can also benefit from formulas. The situation for each baby may be different.



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