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Among the health problems that are frequently seen during childhood anemia of iron deficiency comes. The mistakes that are being made during the nutritional phase play a major role in this health problem, which we have often seen in newborns. Neglecting iron deficiency problem causes many problems including immune system issues.

The iron deficiency anemia is divided into three basic points. Iron deficiency anemia is also observed in cases of infection causing blood loss. Although the iron is present in the mother’s breast milk   because of the rapid growth of children in the sixth month, iron deficiency situation may occur and it may be difficult to meet child’s iron need.

Do not make mistakes while using iron supplements!

Even if enough iron is received, there may be losses due to the mistakes being made in some cases. For example; consuming milk, tea or using the supplement when the stomach is full may decrease the effect of it. Anemia in children leads to iron losses; Loss of appetite, restlessness and insomnia can also be caused. Infection is the biggest cause of nutritional problems. If this health problem, which is called the iron deficiency anemia, increases, children may behave odd by starting to eat soil or licking walls and slippers. Afterwards problems such as heart rate increase, impaired growth, restlessness, and liver enlargement observed. If the anemia of iron deficiency lasts for a long time, problems such as irritability, restlessness, insomnia and loss of appetite can be seriously transmitted to children in school age.

Families must be conscious!

With the indication of iron deficiency, the child should be shown to a specialist and a blood test should be performed. Iron reinforcements with supplements should be adjusted on the base of child’s weight and age. The supplement treatment process can last from 1 to 2 months. The most important goal of this treatment is to teach families how to provide iron by showing which food contains it. Supplements that should given when the stomach is empty don’t mean that they should be given right before two meals. They should be given in between two meals. Five days after the treatment is initiated, a check is made to see if a cell exhibiting an iron effect in the blood is replicating or not multiplying. For this, the tests must be checked continuously. If there is an upsurge, it can be said that the treatment is working. The iron levels are checked at certain periods and continue until the result of treatment is obtained.


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