Children and Sports Education in Children

What are the Benefits of Mind Sports Such As Chess to Children?

  • It contributes to the development of children’s personalities. It makes them honest, calm, understanding, challenging, success-oriented.
  • It teaches time management, children learn they should evaluate time very well.
  • It also teaches children that losing is as natural as winning.
  • It helps them develop the ability to analyse.
  • It teaches children to establish the link between cause and effect. Thus, it helps raising searcher, questioner and investigator individuals.
  • It makes children to understand the importance of attention and concentration.
  • It provides eye and brain coordination.
  • It contributes to the formation and development of self-esteem.
  • It improves the learning ability of children who have difficulty in learning. It allows the generation that learns instead of memorising, thinks and reaches, investigates and inquires.
  • Supports strategy development.
  • It helps them children to be well disciplined as well as helps them make a plan to succeed step by step.


  • It develops the spirit of struggle and, in this respect, a child comprehends that it is not possible to reach success without effort.
  • Children appreciate the importance of working in a planned and disciplined way to achieve success.
  • It helps children to comprehend socialization and there are common sense rules to follow in order to be a part of the society.
  • Chess increases children’s imagination and creativity.
  • Chess increases the sense of competitiveness in children and brings together the attention. This helps to increase their personal success by discovering themselves.
  • Chess prepares children to life. Children who play chess are different from other children in their viewpoint of life. As they play chess, children know they’re responsible of every step they make whether it results good or bad for them. It’s the same in real life, and children who play chess are aware of it and so they pay attention to every step they take.
  • At the same time, chess makes children use their time well and prevents them from getting bad habits especially during adolescence.
  • Children apprehend there isn’t just one way that leads to victory, and so they can produce alternative ideas. They also realize that some losses can be made to win.
  • Chess improves children’s three dimensional thinking and, photographic memory .
  • It enhances the child’s ability to make calculations and increases the success rate in mathematics.
  • Children develop their ability to think and solve things in the most practical and quick way in the face of events that they encounter in life, in various situations.
  • It helps the child to discover him/herself by increasing his/her awareness, while at the same time forming a social identity.


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