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Baby Bottle Use

Use of bottle for babies varies. All mothers have bottles for all occasions, some use it actively, others use it in difficult situations. On journeys, when there is not enough breast milk, and when the mother is working, you may need to use a bottle. Apart from these, specialists give a certain time for the use of bottles. This period is important for the development of the baby.

In which situations is the bottle preferred?

Some mothers also use the bottle sometime after the birth of the baby. So they feed their baby with mother’s breast milk plus bottle use. Some mothers only breastfeed their baby for the first 6 months. They prefer to start with additional foods for bottle use.

In the first few months, if mother’s breast milk is insufficient they’re forced to start the bottle. Such a measure can be taken against the possibility of the baby being unsatisfied. But it is only appropriate for the mother who doesn’t have enough milk, because for the first 6 months, the experts’ suggestion is not to use anything other than the mother’s milk. You do not need to give any additional food, including water. Because your breast milk is shaped according to your baby’s needs. You do not do anything, it’s a miraculous phenomenon, and every month the content of the breast milk changes. After 6 months you start to give both additional food and water. After this usual process, some mothers can continue using the bottle, because the bottle becomes a very useful tool when traveling. Mothers who can’t breastfeed their children anywhere anytime give up on that, and use breast pumps and bottles beforehand.

Use of Feeding Bottles

Working mothers can have birth and maternity leave. But after a while, the mothers who want to return to their jobs leave their babies to the caregivers and stay away from them all day long. There’s only one way for the baby to benefit from the mother’s breast milk, and that is using breast pumps. The mothers who extract their milk using manual or automatic pumps leave the milk to the caregiver to keep it in appropriate conditions. The caregiver also feeds the baby who is hungry for the day with this milk. You need to use a bottle for this.

Apart from these, mother who has breast-feeding bruise or insufficient milk in the first days can also use the bottle for a while so that the baby is not left hungry.

Leaving the bottle after 1 year of age

Experts recommend to stop using the bottle after your child is 1 year old. Because this period is a time when the baby will develop physically. Bottle use is preventing this. At the same time, babies begin to eat solid foods during this period. Bottle use is preventing this as well.

In terms of mouth and dental health, bottle use is not appropriate after 1 year of age. It can cause children to have crooked teeth. In order to get rid of ear infections, bottle use should be stopped.


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