Education in Children

Approaches to the Child Who Swears

Parents try to educate their children in the direction of their own principles until they begin to school. They try to not to teach anything to their children wrong. Everything is under control from television shows to computer and tablet games.

However, when the child begins to school, his/her friends and teachers has an effect on him/her as well as you. Some cases have been out of your control. This causes the parents to panic.

When the Child Begins to School

When the child begins to school, the first problem is the harmony and the unwillingness to leave the parents. Over time, this problem leaves it’s place to the problems with friends and the problem of being influenced by friends. This problem may be a problem of using slang and swear words, they are learned by imitation of friends.

Slang and Swearing in Children

When slang and swear words are used in children for the first time, they are usually not conscious. The first reaction of parents to their children is very important. Unfortunately, the biggest mistake parents or grandparents make is when they hear these words from the child, they laugh and want the child to say these words again. The child who has been approved for this behaviour continues to do so.

It is very important to approach to the child who uses swear words. It is also not right to give an extreme reaction as much as it is wrong to laugh and enjoy. The first thing to do is to ignore. They forget about it quickly. But if they do not forget and the number of repetitions increases, you need to talk to the child in person. Probably the child does not know the meaning of these words. It will be useful to talk about what these words mean and why they are used to. If necessary, other words can be found to express their feelings. Parents can tell about themselves and what words they use for their feelings. These words are often used in anger attacks.

Shouting at children and being angry with them will adversely effect them and they will use these words more. Prohibitions always have something attractive for children. This reaction can be permanent in the subconscious of the child. In some cases, children who want to get attention use this way.

In this case, ignoring is the best way. However, the child’s need for attention must also be met so that he/she does not need other means.

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